What is the climb speed of Avia BH-4?

Correct answer is... 4.2 m/s It is equal to 827 ft/min. It is higher then climb speed of other aircrafts with similar size. Average is about 4 m/s or 783 ft/min.

Climb speed is counted in km/h or mph units. It would not be handy for pilot to convert it from hours to lower values. So climb speed is often described as vertical distance per seconds or minutes. To give an example, Avia BH-4 with it's climb speed of 4.2 m/s that takes off from airfield of elevation 100 metres (300 feets) will reach flight level 100 (10,000 feets or 3 km above mean sea level) after about 12 minutes.

Similar climb speed have:

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