What is the cruise speed of Ikarus Orkan?

Correct answer is... 468 km/h. It is equal to 253 kn or 291 mph.

A cruise speed is the speed of a plane in relation to the air masses surrounding it. If we wanted to figure out how fast the plane is moving in relation to earth we would have to take into account the factor of wind. In windless weather the cruise speed equals the speed in relation to earth. However, the higher the plane flies the stronger the wind.

To give an example, the cruise speed of Ikarus Orkan flying at 500 meters against the wind of 35 km/h will equal 433 km/h. With the wind, it will equal 433 km/h. If there is a side wind, the speed will vary between 433 and 503 km/h, depending on whether it’s more against or with the wind.

Similar cruise speed have:

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